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Who the hell are
BAD DAD Publishing?

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Bad Dad Publishing is an independent publishing house that specialises in children’s books and early learning.


Our point of difference is simple: we only publish the kind of beautifully illustrated books that parents love to read as much as kids love to have read to them.


Funny is our forte. Silly, satirical and irreverent? That’s us!






BAD DAD Publishing is the delinquent brainchild of Nick and Jaq Snelling, a husband and wife combo from Hell. (Well, actually, a little south and further inland from Hell, but within the same postcode roughly).


Nick’s day gig is in advertising, working as a creative director, copywriter and film director. Meanwhile, Jaq is a psychologist, economist, part-time potter, interior design savant, cook and mother-extraordinaire. She’s also the smart one in the relationship.


Anyhoo, their idea to create BAD DAD Publishing came from something that every Mum and Dad can probably relate to. If you’ve ever audibly groaned or rolled your eyes because you cannot face reading the same ol’ beige, boring bedtime story over and over again to your kid, then you know all too well that good children’s books are hard to find.


Sure, there’s some bona fide classics out there, and even a few unsung, under-rated gems. Hopefully you and your kids have already discovered them and adore them accordingly. But there’s also a whole swathe of really lame kiddie books where it would probably be more nutritional to mulch them up in your brekkie smoothie and ingest them that way, rather than be forced to ever read them again.


Enter BAD DAD Publishing…


Our entire shtick is we only create laugh-out-loud, spray-drink-out-your nostrils funny books. Books with kick-ass illustrations that kids giggle at. Books with hilarity, hijinks and hair-raising adventure. Books that are satirical and subversive enough to make adults smile. Books that every kid loves to be read, but also, equally as importantly, parents love to read to them.


We don’t do cuddly animals. We don’t do cutesy kid characters. We don’t do cliches. And the more outrageous or ‘OMG’ the storyline, the better.


Bedtime has never been this fun before.

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